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General Information

RPI is a wonderful place with active minds and forward thinkers. We're one of the more active Hillels of our size — we have Shabbat dinner every Friday night and we host fun, interactive events throughout every month.

There are three synagogues in Troy, and several more in the surrounding area. Niskayuna has some wonderful people and Albany has quite a few dedicated shuls.

If you will be visiting campus and want to meet with a hillel representative or have any questions regarding RPI and our Jewish community, feel free to email us at

Thanks for your time, and we hope to see you soon!

Frequently asked questions

Where is Hillel located?

The Hillel office is located in the Chaplain's office inside the Student Union.

What does Hillel do for High Holidays?

Hillel has walking groups to Conservative, Reform, and Orthodox synagogues within walking distance of campus for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Hillel also hosts a breakfast event at the end of Yom Kippur.

Who runs the RPI-Sage Hillel?

The RPI-Sage Hillel is completely studet run by our board of dedicated officers. More information can be found under the "About" tab above.

Where can I get kosher food on campus?

Every Friday night, Hillel hosts Friday night services followed by a catered kosher meal. There are basic kosher options available in the dining hall kept separate from the other meals. Special permission from Rensselaer Dining is needed to access the room. Hillel is actively working to try and have more kosher options available in the dining halls for students.

How many Jews does it take to make a Hillel Board?

Our executive board is made up of five officers who help to run the general board. The general board comprises several positions, which help Hillel run smoothly and efficiently. Our executive board is made up of 5 officers who help to run the general board. The general board offers a multitude of minor officer postions so as to help hillel run smoothly and efficently.

What does Hillel do for Passover?

The RPI–Sage Hillel offers a kosher Passover meal plan for the entirety of Passover along with two full Passover Seders. Students can join this meal plan for no charge. For more information, click the Passover tab above.

I'm not religoiusly observant. Can I still come to Hillel?

First of all, if you're Jewish you're Jewish. But it does not matter how religious you are, we welcome everybody with warm arms and food! Even if you've never been to a Shabbat dinner before, come and check it out, we promise you a welcoming community and a nice relaxing night. We welcome everybody with open arms! If you've never been to a Shabbat dinner before, come and check it out — we promise you a welcoming community and a relaxing night.

What does Hillel Do for Shabbat?

Hillel hosts Shabbat services followed by a Shabbat dinner every week with kosher food, catered from a local synagogue. We also use Shabbat as a time for social events, in a different atmosphere from our usual weekday events.

How many Jewish students currently attend RPI? Orthodox? Conservative? Reform?

There are around 300 Jewish students on campus during any given semester.

Who lives in the Hillel House?

We do not currently have a Hillel House, but it is a long term goal to procure one for our chapter.

Are the services egalitarian? Conservative, Reform, or orthodox? How many people generally attend services?

Hillel services are egalitarian and are flexible depending on the number of students who attend and their religious comfort level. Services are led by the Religious and Cultural Vice President, and those attending are encouraged to participate and lead in any capacity in which they are comfortable.

How close are the nearest synagogues to RPI’s campus?

All three nearby synagogues are within a 20–25 minute walk of campus. Further details can be found under the "Campus & Community."

Have any further/specific questions you want answered?
Email us with any and questions you may have at: