Webmaster Notes

Aleph Release

Perliminary version of website. Basic content framework, home page slider, and navigation.

I would like to thank tremendously Rivelle Zlatopolsky for assisting me with the HCI of this release and expanding my knowledge on web design principles. I would also like to thank David Langer for taking me to the next web development level beyond academia at RPI and inspiring me to try new things and go out of my comfort zone which this website reflects.

Bet Release

This release primarily includes updated and new content. Some small design changes were implimented as well such as the font switch on primary content for easier readability. Until Hillel attains its 501(c) 3 charity status the Invest In Us page redesign and content update will be postponed. Existing content may be continously updated up until the final release of the site as much of the content is up in the air.

Gimel Release

This release features updated content, some layout and animation changes, and on hover navigation to main menu for screens larger than 1000px width. On hover events are badly supported on tablet and mobile devices and so anything below 1000 px width are onclick.

Dalet Release

All information and dates updated to be current.

A future update of this version will include a new page for photos and information about all non-shabbos events throughout the year.
A working paypal online donation link is in the works as well.