Parents and Alumni

Shalom parents and alumni! We are excited to have you as part of our RPI Hillel community! We welcome parent and alumni participation of all kinds. One holiday that we would love to share with you is Passover. We host both Passover seders on campus and we would love to see you there.

Not only are you invited to our Passover seders, but you are welcome to show your face on campus year round! Attend one of our events or get to know us over a delicious Shabbat dinner. Even though you're not a student here, you are still an important part of our RPI Hillel community.

Aside from coming to events, dinners, or seders, we want to you feel connected to us through our biannual newsletter. Enjoy reading about some of our events, getting first hand accounts of student experiences, and seeing goofy pictures of your favorite campus jews. Feel free to drop by or contact us anytime, we love hearing from you!

Parents Only: All others are not kosher

Summer break just finished and your little baby suddenly became a High School Senior. The year will be long and there is a whole lot to do, including getting them to apply for colleges. You want them to go to a college where school is important, and so is their Judaism. Think about sending them to RPI, where RPI-Sage Hillel will take good care of them.

Shabbat and major holidays, two of the most important Judaic ideals that parents want their children to observe, are our top priorities. We have weekly Shabbat dinners filled with good food, friendly conversation, and a Kabbalat service. Hillel has a food service for Passover (along with seders), sends members to synagogue for High Holidays, and hosts Tu B'Shevat seders.

Participation & Outreach

Hillel has grown so much in the past few years and we are looking forward to expanding in the future. However, there is no way we could have gotten to where we are today without the help of everyone in the past. Your time with Hillel has shaped RPI-Sage Hillel in more ways than we could have ever imagined. We would love it if you could share your experiences during your time with us so that we can build off of your ideas in order to make Hillel an even better place for the fiture generations. Please send us your thoughts and stories and we would be happy to share them with all present and future members.