Case for Support

As you may know as an alumnus or Parent of a Hillel member, we survive only on your generous donations. Sadly, when Hillel rose, practically from the dead, less than a decade ago, it was left with a dwindling bank account and without federal charity status. We have just been granted our 501(c) 3 charity status so that we may once again receive tax-deductible donations and grants. Hillel relies on your support and generous donations to sustain us and help us grow.

Hillel has quadrupled in size in four years. Yes, seriously. It has put an even larger strain on our funds to have Shabbat dinners every week, seders and other festival celebrations, community services such as for Yom Hashoah, and community outreach such as community service events. Please consider making a donation to Hillel; below are listed popular donation amounts and their uses.

How to Give

Click the link below to donate via paypal, or select a dollar amount on the chart below to donate via Venmo

If you would rather send us your donation via mail, follow the instructions below.

Donate via Mail

RPI- Sage Hillel

3536 Rensselaer Union

110 8th Street

Troy, NY 12180

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Creative Ways to Give

Donation Level Description
Platinum Level Covers the cost of 3-4 dinners
(Shabbat, Passover, Etc.)
Diamond Level Covers the cost of 2-3 dinners
(Shabbat, Passover, Etc.)
Gold Level Covers the cost of one Passover Seder.
Silver Level Sponsor a Shabbat dinner.
Bronze Level Sponsor a special holiday event
(Lag BaOmer, Sukkot, Purim, Etc.)
Brass Level Enjoy Channukah knowing that candles will be lit, latkahs and gelt will be eaten, and dreidels will be spun.
Hard English Oak Level Sponsor the upkeep and repair of the hillel sukkah.
Cedar Level General donation to help support our student-run hillel.
Custom Level A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. You are helping to keep the food warm, and our members full.