Passover 2017!

What is Hillel doing for Passover?

Can't make it home for Passover? When your mom asks you what you're doing for the holiday, what are you going to tell her? Here's one good answer:

"I'm going to Hillel's Passover Seders!" The first seder will be led by members of the hillel's executive board and dedicated Hillel volunteers! Everyone is welcome!

If you like the first seder, you'll be in luck, because we're doing it all over again the next night! ,

Both of the seders are free, yes FREE, and we would never turn anyone away, but we would like you to register so we can get a headcount.

Register Here

How are Seders working this year?

First Seder
Friday, March 30th, 2018
Location & Time TBD

Second Seder
Satruday, March 31st, 2018
Location & Time TBD

What is the Passover Meal Plan?

Chabad at RPI, in collaboration with Hillel and RPI Dining Services, is happy to offer a full Kosher-for-Passover meal plan. This will include 2 meals a day for the entire duration of Passover! The meals will be served in Union Phalanx Room (3502) from 3/30 to 4/07. However, we do not want any student to be unable to attend because of scheduling conflicts, so if the schedule is an issue, call Leible Morrison at 518-894-3490 to work out a way for you to get the food.

When and what meals are provided?

Passover meal times are as follows**:
Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner*: 5pm - 7pm

*Friday night/ Shabbat dinner will begin at 6:30pm
**If these time do not work for you, than let us know and we will work with you to have a hot meal wating

Where: Union Phalanx Room (3502) from 3/30 through 4/07

A full menu for the week will be released at the beginning of the Spring semester

How much does this cost me?

The following prices for LAST year are based on the RPI Student Meal Plan you own:

  • 19+ On Demand Dining Plan ----------------------------------------------- FREE!!
  • Create-Your-Own Dining Plan* -------------------------------------------- $31.00
  • 15 Meals a Week Dining Plans --------------------------------------------- $12.00
  • 12 Meals a Week Dining Plans --------------------------------------------- $43.00
  • 10 Meals a Week Dining Plans --------------------------------------------- $43.00
  • 5 Meals a Week Dining Plan ------------------------------------------------ $89.00
  • Students who are not under the RPI Meal Plan** ------------------- $136.00
  • *Students on the Create-Your-Own Meal Plan will have 17 meals deducted from their plan.

*If you are on the Create-Your-Own meal plan, 17 swipes will be deducted.
**If you would like to participate in the Passover Meal Plan without losing access to your swipes, you will need to pay the full price of the plan ($136).

If you are on the RPI meal plan, your card will not work in the dining halls from dinner on 4/10 through dinner on 4/18. Flex will still be available.

We don't want anyone to be unable to participate for financial reasons.
Financial aid is available; call Leible Morrison at 518-894-3490.

Sounds Great, Sign Me Up!

Sign-ups will be available at the beginning of the Spring semester. If you have an questions, please see a Hillel officer or email us using the link above.